Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

Doctor Who 5.04 The Time of Angels.

THAT'S more like it.

That's how you start a two-parter. It actually feels like we got about half the story, and the cliffhanger doesn't feel as forced as some of the other ones have - I'm thinking of the Cyberman two-parter here, as well as Stolen Earth. And it doesn't need a deus-ex-machina fix, we just get to actually find out what the Doctor's plan is. I was glued to this - it was paced nicely, gave everyone enough to do (Amy could easily have been sidelined, but wasn't) and it looked great. I never liked the flying Tardis shots when Davies did them, except the waving-at-Wilf one, but Moffat manages it better. (Actually, if I'm doing references to other SF, the TARDIS rescue of River Song was very reminiscent of a Battlestar ep.) The James Bond stuff at the beginning was odd and blatant, but kind of fun. Could have done without Alex Kingston overacting all over the place, mind you - unless it turns out that's part of River Song's character, which it might well do. I'm getting a Saffron-from-Firefly vibe from her at the moment, combined with possibly-treacherous-Bond-girl.

They managed to keep the Angels scary while extending their power, I suppose - I'll have to rewatch it, or read doctorwho or something, to figure out exactly what was going on with them. The idea that they sort of hypnotise you into thinking you're turning to stone, keeping you still till they catch you, is freaky even if it should have been mentioned last time. And River Song and the Bishop are both being played as dodgy, at the moment. Plenty of places the story could go, including some Atheist Agenda ones.

Plenty of people (including me) will be pleased that the Doctor wasn't shooting at anything alive. But, oh, Stephen Moffat, please not to be killing the two black guys first. It makes me twitch.

Edit: Am I right in thinking River Song needed to be introduced to Amy? So unless they change the River Song timeline somehow, Amy isn't around for long...? And, wait, presumably this was before Silence In The Library for River - did they specify that? TIMEY WIMEY BALL.
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