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So there's this election thing soon....

The most recent reason why I'm definitely not voting Labour came in through my letterbox today.


Now, I don't know whether this leaflet was printed and/or posted before last Thursday, when there could have been some justification for saying that the main election was a two-horse race.

But even if it was, the inside says:


The first paragraph's an outright lie. Whenever the leaflet was printed, the option of a hung parliament was being talked about. Even more annoyingly, they're conflating "control of the country" and "control of Glasgow", on purpose. The Conservatives are not, and have not been for decades, Labour's principal opposition in Scotland. They're usually fighting for 4th. The result in this constituency in 2005 was:

Labour : Mohammad Sarwar : 13,518
Liberal Democrat : Isabel Nelson : 4,987
SNP : Bill Kidd : 4,148
Conservative : Richard Sullivan : 1,757
Scottish Green : Gordon Masterton : 1,372
Scottish Socialist : Marie Gordon : 1110

The Conservatives were in fourth, a long way back. The main contenders here - though it is quite a safe seat, obviously - are the Lib Dems and the SNP. The SNP won here in the Scottish Parliament elections, but that's got different consituency boundaries. Conservatives are nowhere to be seen, and have no chance of getting in anywhere in Glasgow. (And yes, the current Labour MP is standing down, and Labour's candidate for his seat is...his son.) The Labour leaflet mentions the Tories six times - always as "Tories" rather than "Conservatives" - and the SNP once. You wouldn't know there was anyone else standing. And the one mention of the SNP is to say that Sarwar will "argue for the reinstatement of the Glasgow Airport Rail Link", which, since it was an SNP policy, must be a devolved issue that he will have absolutely no input into.

So, yeah. Most politicians lie or at least spin frantically on their leaflets, but in case you didn't know: it isn't a two-horse race, and voting Lib Dem is looking more and more unlikely to let the Conservatives in.

Too much politics? Have a picture of the cat downstairs with the mouse I rescued from her.


Edit: ALSO I am worried about the policy "Carry a knife, go to jail". Am I going to be arrested on the way home from IKEA?


Apr. 21st, 2010 09:00 pm (UTC)
ah a third option, who'd a thunk it??
I got a letter supposedly from DC tory boy himself today, it was so badly written I have actually kept it for when I get back to my English studies. I enjoyed political rhetoric muchly, and frankly that letter sucked sour apples! And after all I do need a bad example to put against some good Obama speeches! :D

After recent knife madness in my family, I was appalled to find my 71year old gran still carrying a knife, so much I got all squeaky at her! She said she needed it in case she needed to slice apples or something while she was out, so I asked her when the last time she had needed to do that was. She now no longer carries a knife...or at least that's what she's told me. She thought it stupid that she could get sent down for 4 years, 'I'm just a little old lady'. Last I saw that didn't make the knife any less hurty. bah, the mind boggles.
Apr. 25th, 2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
I haven't had anything from the Tories yet. Maybe they've just decided to save money and not bother with Glasgow :D

Apples o.O


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