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Doctor Who 5x02 The Beast Below

I have the end of a nasty cold and still cannot brain, so I kept feeling like I'd missed something in tonight's episode, when I wasn't feeling like I was a bit too far ahead of it. Will have to watch it again.
I really enjoyed it. It felt a bit uneven, but every time I was thinking "I'm not sure about this", something awesome happened. And lots of great lines. First one I laughed out loud at was "There's a lost fish!", but there were several others.

Liz X - was there anyone who didn't realise who she was as soon as she said her name? One for the kids, I suppose, and a chance to bring in a whole bunch of continuity stuff. I did like her, though, and I liked the hooded half-mannequin guys, although I thought having the mannequins and the half-mannequins was a bit overcomplicated. The mannequins were reminiscent of the Clockwork Men, if we're keeping track of Moffat's plot re-usage.

"Star whale" - well, it was a cool concept, but what a crappy name. I suppose it has its own name for its species but nobody's ever asked it, sigh. And of course it reminded me of The Great A'Tuin, but that's going to be an occupational hazard for anything swimming through space with a planet on its back. Amy's decision was nuts in real life but makes sense in the context of the show, although again, I got the "old, kind, last of his species" comparison before we got close-ups of Eleven and then the whole thing explained, thank you very much.

I see we're getting political commentary again - "we vote every five years to forget what's happening", indeed. And the crack is at least one of the ongoing plot threads, obviously, and could Moffat have picked anything with more entendre potential?

Matt was great, and like last week I got echoes of Nine as much as Ten, mostly with the "you screwed up and you're not coming with me again", and the whole "stupid humans" thing. Still love Amy, even when she's covered in sick. I've enjoyed these first two episodes enormously.

Also, I just put in the post title and typoed it as The Beats Below, which takes us back to last year...



Apr. 11th, 2010 05:00 pm (UTC)
See, I liked it but it suffered because it was obviously an old-school Who story but only had a new-Who 42 minutes to tell the story in which lead to a lot of interesting things being sidelined (what were the smilers? What was their relationship to the Winders exactly?) and the Doctor working out what was going on in a minute-long bit of explaining and hand-waving-around which, to be blunt, is the kind of thing I'd rather was left to the RTD era.

But, other than that, I really enjoyed it. Moffat does play on the emotions a bit blatantly but he is good at it and I'm really pleased with how Smith is shaping-up as the Doctor having been a bit sceptical about his performance in "The Eleventh Hour" (bit too Tennant-ish, or maybe that was the point).


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