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Oh January

Yeah, so this updating thing isn't going well. It's not even because I can't think of anything to write - I keep composing LJ posts in my head and then not getting around to writing them.

At the very least I need a general updatery post, a media post and a link post. So, updatery first.

This year I seem to be slightly improving at Doing Things and Having A Life, and I intend to keep this trajectory going. I went to see Sherlock Holmes last week and am going to see either Avatar or Daybreakers this week, which is pretty good considering I went to the cinema all of four times last year. I'm going to get a Cineworld Unlimited card again, so Glasgow people, give me a shout if you need a cinema companion! Have had a couple of role-playing things happening, too.

Planned things include Conflagration 2010 gaming/ geek con at Glasgow Uni the first weekend in February; a visit to Newcastle for some gaming and the start of the F1 season (Schumi!!); loads of things at the Aye Write! book festival at the beginning of March; and a trip to see The Producers in the Kings. I don't usually have this much planned. Freaky. Also need to sort out work-related pub quizzing.

It was my birthday yesterday. Well, Saturday. I hadn't really planned to do anything, and it was a bit all over the place - my present from my parents is in the mail somewhere, my brother's going to bring one back from Mumbai in a couple of months, my best friend used up all her ideas at Christmas and needs me to tell her what to buy. And I couldn't think of anything because I got so much cool shit at Christmas. (I think I'm going to ask her for some BPAL stuff, though.) But I popped down to my parents' and my dad had acquired a profiterole gateau, which, OMNOMNOM. And then sudge was having a night out for his birthday so I said I'd go to that, and it sort of got extended. Had various work people and a few friends there (I didn't tell anyone about it till about 4pm on Saturday, which I'm sure was unhelpful) and a load of sudge's friends, of course, and it was great. Lots of chat about gay/bi/poly issues, and I got to try and explain live Vampire role-playing to some workmates. I was going to tell them about the Gathering (thousands of live-action role-players!), but I got distracted somewhere, which is probably just as well.

My work shifts are in their unhelpful phase; I've got 2.5 weeks of late shifts out of the four weeks in January. But hey, at least I don't have to get up early. And I got a lift home in dermfitz's awesome Mini tonight, which makes up for a lot of things.

In a lazy attempt to eat better, I've signed up with Graze, too. They're going to send me fresh and dried fruit and nuts three times a week, starting on Wednesday, which is a lot more than I eat now...



Jan. 19th, 2010 02:49 am (UTC)
Thanks! At the moment I'm looking at Jasper Fforde, maybe Richard Holloway, Sandi Toksvig, Tom Leonard, Steven Pinker...a sad lack of crossover there!


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