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Doctor Who The End Of Time 1/2

So, yeah....WTF?!

I really enjoyed it, at least the last 40 minutes, although you can nitpick to hell and back as usual. Overacting from Simm, weird writing/directing choices with the STARVING...the Master was all over the place this episode. Which I guess was sort of the point, but he borrowed from Buffy (came back wrong), LOTR (Gollum!Master), Hammer Horror or something with the maniacal laughter, plus random superpowers, which I suppose I can accept the "he came back wrong" handwave for.

WILF! And Cribbins in the credits! I'm scared he's going to die, now. But Wilf is awesome. And Donna. And Donna's mum, in fact. There seemed to be hundreds of characters in this, it was all a bit messy - or maybe it'll work better when you watch both eps at once.

I knew there was going to be something insane at the end thanks to the Facebook status update of the subtitler, yesterday, but...yeah. That was insane o.O Being (John) Master. Bits of that could have been cut better - the Doctor stood around for a LONG time being useless, really.

What was the "if we die before we regenerate, we're dead" thing? That was weird.

Obama. LOL. Actual LOL. So weird, because up till now they've invented PMs and presidents - must just be RTD fanboying, I guess.

Was that a totally different ring to the one we saw at the end of S3? I thought it was a faceted gemstone, but I haven't watched it since it aired, so I'm not sure. Bets they'll release the ring for sale though. (Speaking of which, I have a Time Lord fob watch! Yay!)

I was watching for shout-outs, because I expect RTD to crowbar them in. The Tardis in the stained glass window and the Doctor being a god - the household gods in Fires of Pompeii. The bus company was Sparrow something, and one of the women on it was called Sally - Sally Sparrow from Blink. Someone talking out of the TV - Idiot's Lantern. Alien tech "fixing" people so they're all the same - Empty Child/Doctor Dances. (I don't know when it stops being a shout-out and stars being a recycled plot, mind you.)

I liked the Master Race pun.

It was packed with religious overtones again, especially Dalton's narration, and the bit at the beginning in the church, of course.

Not enough Donna.

RTD did his usual thing of always having to top himself, so to speak - the only thing bigger than "the end of the whole multiverse" is "the end of time itself", I suppose.

Next week, THE END OF TIME, and I have to watch it at work. I didn't see much of the trail.

pickwick gives it WTF/10 points.

In David Tennant taking over the telly news, he was quite good on QI last night but mostly got drowned out by Lee Mack being a twat. Bah. But Hamlet is on tomorrow, and I've seen a bit of it, and it's MADE OF WIN and you should all watch it, even if you hate Doctor Who and David Tennant and Shakespeare.



Dec. 25th, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
What was the "if we die before we regenerate, we're dead" thing? That was weird.

Yeah, I'm glad it wasn't just me. What on earth does that mean?

The ring looked more-or-less the same to me; not sure about the coloured bits in it (I'd thought they were red), but the design echoing the watch looks the same.

When did Blink supposedly take place? I mean, Sally Sparrow's section of it? Fairly contemporary, I thought (DVDs in it), so it couldn't be her on the coach... Or did I misread what you said there? I thought there was too much Donna... No, to be fair, her parts worked just fine.

The big problem with RTD is... he isn't writing any sort of drama series; he's writing a comic, where each threat has to top the previous one and the final tragic death of anyone can be reversed to please the crowd.

So, the Time Lords are all gone, the Doctor is alone (except when the Master's alive) — until suddenly there's a Panopticon-load of them in full robes.

I did think Timothy Dalton was going to be a Time Lord. Not that he was going to be accompanied by huge numbers of Time Lords.

But I can forgive a huge amount for: the stained glass Tardis; Wilf in the Tardis (second time for Cribbins, of course); and that shot of the Time Lords at the end.

Still not sure if I am looking forward to the next episode.
Dec. 26th, 2009 12:10 am (UTC)
Yeah, Sally's bits in Blink were contemporary, I just meant the names were a shout-out. I did wonder if it was her, but then remembered that she didn't get stuck in the past :D

Re comics: YES. That's always been my biggest problem with RTD, that he seems to think the only way to make an episode better is to make the scope bigger. We've seen the beginning of the universe, the end of the Earth, the end of humanity, the threatened end of all realities, etc etc.

I'm assuming the Time Lords will be explained next week, so I'm not worrying about their sudden appearance just now, heh.


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