Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

Good Thing Bad Thing

Good Thing! The new series of QI starts tonight. YAY! Also, more Misfits.

Bad Thing! These American anti-gay-marriage ads are insane. Edit: But good thing! This parody response is wonderful, and has George Takei.

Good Thing! Anton Vowl's Christmas cards for Daily Mail readers are fabulous.

Bad Thing! People think they have the right to know what BBC employees earn. Problem is - apart from privacy concerns and all that - unless they know what other people in the media industry earn, the raw figures for the BBC tell them nothing. It's just another excuse for the Mail to have a go at the BBC. When I worked at the Beeb, you actually earned slightly less than the competitors because of the benefits of working there (job security, status, looks good on CV) and because it's publicly funded, but it would obviously still look like a lot to someone on minimum wage.

Good Thing! That kid who peed on a war memorial got community service. Seems to have had a sensible judge who wasn't going to imprison him just to "send a message".

Also, it's sunny. Hurray!
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