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Notes from extinction

Dead Girl

*shuffles surreptitiously into view pretending she's been here all along*

Well, it's been an exciting few days, I have to say. I mean, I have a new blender and juicer (courtesy of dermfitz) and a new iron (courtesy of Argos - my old one died.) What could be more amazing than that?! I also have a new shaver with six different heads, one of which is apparently an eyebrow shaper. I'm slightly scared of it. Tonight I plan to make a smoothie, iron some clothes for tomorrow and trim my eyebrows into funny shapes. Any good smoothie recipes that don't involve banana?

Monday night I went to see Rachel Stamp at King Tuts. They're a glam rock-ish band from the late 90s - I saw them loads of times then because they were my best friend's favourite band, and they are kind of fab. Especially the drummer. They were supported by Shatterhand, who were pretty good too - I think they'd be really fun to play on Guitar Hero, for some reason! They remind me of the Dropkick Murphys a bit, or Green Day.


Rachel Stamp. Note awesome drummer.

The news is all crap, isn't it? Bank charges, racism, stupid internet laws proposed, more Iraq whitewashes, Borders probably closing down. And we seem likely to drown in Glasgow sooner or later - my jeans have only just dried out from walking to work earlier.

Oh, hey, TV - Misfits is GREAT, isn't it? And Paradox was a bit crap.
Tags: gigs, life stuff, music
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