Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

All I Really Wanna Do

Sitting watching '80s music videos on YouTube. Look! Angry Anderson with footage of Scott & Charlene's wedding!

Things that have amused me today: a trade union newsletter which said "From my union: "If every Member recruits one more this year then we can DOUBLE our Membership!" It's our maths skills that have got us where we are today, you know. (Also our Capitalisation skills.)

And the people on Countryfile who are actually, actually talking about hugging trees. Measuring their trunks, apparently - a "standard British hug" is about 1.5m. So now you know.

Oh my GOD, I just found a fan-made video to the B-side of Especially For You. By Kylie & Jason. Look! And clips of Smash Hits Poll Winners, no. Countryfile.
Tags: tv, videos
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