Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

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I finally found a phone I wanted, so I went out this afternoon and bought a Nokia N86. I had been looking at iPhones and things, but my two main priorities were really camera and music player, and the camera on the iPhone is crap and I suspect the music player makes you use iTunes. Which wouldn't be terrible, but anyway. The N86 is much better built than the N97, gets better reviews mostly, and is very pretty. And has an 8mp camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, and the normal Nokia music player, which is fine, with various additions that are even better, like being able to transmit your music through any fm receiver, and being able to make playlists on the phone. And I've got loads of minutes and texts and unlimited data, all for less than I'm on just now. Essentially I'm happier staying with Nokia than moving; all but one of my phones have been Nokias, and they just work, usually.

Unfortunately I can't use the phone yet because of complicated things involving SIMs and PACs and pay-as-you-go SIMs and transferring numbers all over the place. (Because I wanted to move from a Carphone Warehouse o2 contract to one directly with o2, but keep my number, and this isn't directly possible, which I knew. So I have to move my number to a PAYG sim, then move it again to the new phone.)

Anyway. Exciting shiny things in about three weeks, probably. Just hope the disintegrating screen on my N95 can keep going that long. (Although I have a couple of other old phones lying around, in case it doesn't.)
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