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Oh, as usual, dear.

I can hear the karaoke from two different pubs near me at the same time. Either of them on their own would be something I'd be trying to drown out, so both of them? Not good. Also the whole area is festooned with union jacks, which makes me mildly grumpy - glad I escaped the city for the weekend and missed all the Orange Walks.

The hundredpics community popped back up on my friendslist the other day, so I've decided to try that again - post a photo a day for 100 days. I'm going for a theme - I will take a picture a day of the clouds! (Stop laughing at the back.) My first three are here, and I also stuck up another photo I took yesterday that made me giggle in an adolescent way. Really, who designed this sundial?


The caption at the bottom? It says "morning glory". I know it's also a plant, but...

Of course, that interpretation probably, er, sprung out at me, because "morning glory" was mentioned in the book I've been reading - Slang: The People's Poetry. Which is very good, actually, at least if you find things like the following paragraph fascinating:

There is a difference between "nonexpletive" (a category that includes both Buffy-comicverse and oh as usual dear) and "anti-expletive" (a category that includes only oh as usual dear); and there is a difference between, on one hand, expletive inserts (such as Jesus H. tap-dancing Christ) and impletive inserts (such as oh as usual dear) and, on the other hand, "nonpletive" ones (such as Buffy-comicverse).

In what circumstances will the impletive supersede the expletive, avoiding a turn into the nonpletive?

(It's not all like that, but I did like that bit. Hee.)



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