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Blame it on the sunshine

Long late shifts at work just now, dealing with Glastonbury, which is fun in a kind of flaily way. We know vaguely which artists are going to be on the BBC programmes, sometimes, and we try and prepare subtitles for their latest and/or biggest hits. And then we try to recognise them when they play them. Today I have been mostly using Twitter to find out what songs bands like Spinal Tap played, so that I could prep them - new media for the win! Fewer people were twittering about what Crosby, Stills & Nash played, sadly.

So, anyway, linkspam:

I didn't know who Ed McMahon was before he died. Farrah Fawcett reminds me more of a couple of lines of Buffy dialogue than anything else. I was never that into Michael Jackson. The only "celeb" death that's really affected me this week is that of Steven Wells, an ex-NME writer. He died of cancer: this was his last column, a couple of weeks ago, for the Philadelphia Weekly.
And of course all this bollocks is written by an idiot who has polished his image as an existentialist, atheist hard-man and anti-mope, forever sneering at the tribes who wallow in self-pity -- the gothers, the emo kids, the Smiths fans -- the whole 900-block-wide marching band composed entirely of the white male urban middle classes who are convinced that (as the most affluent and pampered human beings who have ever walked the planet) theirs is a story worth hearing. Blissfully unaware that they are but a few generations away from regular visits to the doctor who would wind parasitic worms from their beer bloated assholes using sticks. (Check out the AMA logos, those smiling beasts are not snakes.)

You could blame this fallacy on poor education, cultural deterioration, or simple moral decline.

Me? I blame it on sunshine. I blame it on the moonlight. I blame it on the boogie.

Fellow music journalist Everett True has a tribute here, and a post linking to a bunch of other tributes here. Swells is one of the only music journos whose names I remember from my years reading the weeklies, along with True, Quantick and Johnny Cigarettes - and of course, he and Cigarettes got namechecked in Helen Love's awesome Long Live The UK Music Scene, a time capsule of the late 90s.

(Vaguely related aside: watching Lauren Laverne presenting Glastonbury makes me want to look out my Kenickie CDs. She's one of my only girlcrushes.)

I've mentioned the Lord of the Rings re-read and discussion on Tor before, but I'll take the opportunity of them starting The Two Towers to plug it again - totally geeky, utterly fantastic conversation. Put aside a day or two and read the whole thing from the start.

If anyone hasn't read [info - personal]cereta's post On Rape And Men yet, please do, especially if you're a man. And read at least the first couple of pages of comments. I've been meaning to link to this and post about it for a while - I might still do a post. But I've been reading through all 17 pages or so of comments, too.

On a lighter note, blankets with sleeves! We saw these on the Big Bang Theory, and I looked them up because I Need One. Totally. Sometime before winter.

The Nieman Journalism Lab tells us that the New York Times has data on which words its readers look up in the dictionary. Interesting. And it also has an article about the Guardian's crowdsourcing experiment on the MPs' expenses claims.

An overview of the gay marriage debate, in chart form.

The best optical illusion I've seen in ages, and another illustration of why no, you shouldn't believe the evidence of your own eyes.

HTML Playground seems like a good way of relearning html and CSS by example, in a very web 2.0 stylee.

Jesus And Mo is always entertaining, but I particularly liked the latest one.

I thoroughly commend and recommend this How To Meet A Nerdy Girl post, if only because point #9 made me laugh out loud.
Tip #9: Embrace her collectibles.

That is not a euphemism for something pervy. It’s just a fact. When you walk into her apartment for the first time and notice a glass cabinet filled with a miniature TARDIS, a sombrero-wearing Giles, a 17-inch Han Solo and a two-foot long replica of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D, do not say, “What the hell is all this stuff?” Instead say, “What the hell? Why don’t you have MORE of this stuff? And may I mail order something for you?”
(Yes, I have a three miniature Tardii. And a sombrero-wearing Giles. No Han Solos, and no Enterprises, but I do have a Starbug.)

And finally, in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, Buffy meets Edward from Twilight. With inevitable consequences. One of the best mashup videos I've seen.
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