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Edinburgh Book Festival

Whee! The Edinburgh Book Festival programme is out [pdf brochure]. Tickets don't go on sale till the 22nd, which gives me time to figure out who to go and see. Because MAN, the line-up is awesome. I just went through the brochure making a quick note of things I'm interested in:

Kate Atkinson
Carlos Luis Zafon
Simon King
David Crystal
AC Grayling
Iain Banks
Cornelia Funke
Jonathon Green
Neil Gaiman
Ian Rankin
Neil Gaiman & Ian Rankin (different event to above)
Susan Blackmore
Lewis Wolpert
David Sedaris
Jeremy Paxman
Vince Cable
John Sutherland
Christopher Brookmyre
Mark Millar
China Mieville
Alain de Botton
Douglas Coupland
Richard Dawkins
Richard Holloway

I don't think I can afford either the money or the time off work to go to all of them. Gaiman, Paxman, Cable and Brookmyre are must-sees, probably Coupland as well.

And Amanda Fucking Palmer is gigging in Edinburgh in August too, not coincidentally I expect, since she's dating Gaiman now. So right. So I want to go to that too; I've been loving the Who Killed Amanda Palmer album. (Spotify link, that one.)
Tags: books, music
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