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Ah, remember I said the Church had managed to do something right, and uphold the appointment of a gay minister? The world has gone back to normal - they've screwed it up again. In a debate on sexuality in the church today, they've decided to have a two-year ban on any more gay ministers being appointed, while they set up yet another commission on the matter. (The first commission was in 1994 - I think they keep coming back with the wrong answers.)

The Reverend Angus Morrison told elders and fellow ministers that the special commission would best serve the "peace and unity" of the church.

Well, in as much as it puts off the issue for another two years. Pity it doesn't serve, you know, justice or equality or anything like that.

In the meantime, they've told their members not to discuss the issue with the media, because as we all know, if you don't talk about it, it goes away.

The measure met with an angry reaction from the Reverend Alec Shuttleworth, who compared it to MPs who like to "blame the media" for the current expenses row.

Hurray for Alec! I was round at his house for pre-Christmas mince pies and snacks last year, somewhat randomly, so I'm glad I approve of his stance on the matter.

I'm not sure what'll happen now - whether the issue will actually go away again, or whether it'll rumble on in letters pages and presbytery meetings for two years. They're going to have to make a decision eventually. Maybe they're hoping some of the hard-liners will die off in the meantime.
Tags: homophobia, religion
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