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Unemployment: 2 million +1

ObPolitics: Well, that was an anti-climactic resignation, Mr Speaker. We could have done with something more dramatic for the history books, since it's apparently such a big deal. I'm a bit torn on this whole expenses thing, because it's fun to watch the politicians flailing on the end of a line, and the scale of what some of them have been doing - and the number of them who seem to have been doing it - is appalling - but really. We knew they were largely untrustworthy, profiteering, mendacious, superior gits, didn't we? And is expenses fiddling, or even expenses fraud, the worst thing they've done in the past ten years, even? I suppose the problem is that we have to blame the whole House of Commons for this, rather than saying just the party in power is full of rotters. I'll be interested to see if the upcoming revelations about what other (probably highly paid) jobs the MPs have on the side provoke such public ire, because that annoys me much more.

I do admit to being chuffed that Martin's going, but mostly from a sense of lingering resentment - I used to live in his constituency, and none of the other main parties put candidates up against him, so your vote really is useless. And in the Scottish elections, his son Paul holds it for Labour, too. Though at least your vote's going to the PR list system, then.

I still have terrible trouble recognising Nick Clegg, every time, even when I just saw the same interview half an hour ago. He should wear a BBC News-style banner with his name on it around his waist - that might help. Possibly.

Brown's talking about a new independent regulator for the HoC - Gary Gibbon of C4 News was the first to dub it OfCommons, which I hope catches on. (For confused non-Brits, the independent broadcasting regulator is called Ofcom...)

Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to see Coraline - w00t and yay! Definitely going to see the doctor, and worrying about whether I should go back to work on Friday.


May. 20th, 2009 09:21 am (UTC)
Yes, I'm also torn between the delight of watching politicians squirm, but on the other hand, I'm worried that all of this is really a bit trivial, and may be diverting our attention from more important things.

Hopefully, the upshot of all this will be that the system will be shaken up, there'll be more transperency, and people will learn to trust politicians a bit more. It would be nice if they deserved that trust too.
May. 20th, 2009 10:03 pm (UTC)
It would be nice to have trustworthy politicians, yes! I think it's also hard to trust them because the opposition parties and the opposition media are constantly digging up dirt and badmouthing them - in some ways they should aim to have MORE of a gentleman's club ethic, and just debate the issues honestly.


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