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  • Dollhouse has been renewed! Utterly unexpected yay! For people who intend watching it when it starts on Sci-Fi in the UK (Tuesday, I think) - stick with it! It starts off....variable, for various reasons, but it does get good. (And I must watch the last two episodes.)
  • Eurovision was pretty good - even though I wasn't with my normal Eurovision buddies, there was plenty of texting going on. Can't believe Germany didn't get more points for Dita von Teese and whips.
  • I have finished reading The Silmarillion! Hurray! I don't think I'll read it again, but it will make my next re-read of LOTR quite different. (I was inspired to finally finish the damn thing - I'd started about three times before and not got far - by [info] - personalkate_nepveu's LOTR re-read blogging and the subsequent comment conversations on Tor. They're a combination of recap, snark, and deep analysis of the world, language, plot, characterisation, and anything else they care to touch on, and I'd recommend them to everyone.)
  • And I've started reading PopCo by Scarlett Thomas, which, while looking like chicklit, is mostly cryptography and maths and codes mixed with hip new corporate design and marketing shenanigans which may or may not be shady in some way. Although it's just taken an unexpected left-turn into homeopathy, which is frustrating, not least because Godel and Turing and Asche and everyone else she's namechecking would slap her silly for believing in it. Guh.
  • [info] - personalnextian posted a fantastic quote from Alexander Hume's Of The Orthographie and Congruitie of the Britan Tongue, and now I have the whole thing downloaded from Gutenberg. Early 1600s linguistics glee!
  • Also I ordered prettyshiny Dave McKean postage stamps with Neil Gaiman short stories to go with them. I can't remember the last time I bought stamps. (Oh, er, yes I can - it was another collectors' edition thing, an Eccleston Doctor Who special something-or-other. I don't post things unless there are Freepost envelopes, apparently.)
  • Nadine Dorries went nuts about the Telegraph's story on her expenses but only managed to come across as ranty and illiterate, as usual, and actually incriminate herself further, which is impressive.
  • Graham Linehan posted a link to the YouTube clip of the dream version of My Lovely Horse, Father Ted's Eurovision song actually by the Divine Comedy, and Neil Gaiman retweeted it. I can just imagine a lot of Gaiman's followers boggling slightly. In other top TV comedy Eurovision moments, have Alan Cumming and Forbes Masson singing Pif Paf Pof on The High Life.


May. 17th, 2009 05:51 pm (UTC)
Yay about Dollhouse! I enjoy the series.


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