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Dinosaurs Rock

More clouds! Someone on Facebook was doing a project yesterday* where they tried to get a bunch of people to take pictures of the sky at exactly 2pm British time yesterday. It's quite fascinating looking at how different it all is. If you're me, anyway. There's a Flickr group here, too. (I did mean to post about this yesterday and get you lot to join in, but I thought it was 3pm it was happening, and came on the computer about 1.55, so only had time to twitter...)

Ventured out shopping on my own today as part of my rehabilitation into the world of the normal non-wibbly world, and managed to spend far too much even though most of the shops in Ayr seem to have shut down. Bought a t-shirt with neon baby dinosaurs on it, among other things. Wish it said "dinosaurs jr", though. And the tiny alternative/goth/hippie shop hidden down a side street was doing a roaring trade, for some reason. I bought ankh earrings, because you can never have too many ankhs.

Our politicians seem to have an awful lot of "honest mistake"s and "sloppy accounting"s. Do they think we prefer politicians to be utterly incompetent than mildly corrupt? (And in the greater scheme of things, expense fiddling is minor, although the scope of it is...impressive.) Maybe we do. I think I've always assumed they're mildly corrupt, and would rather they were mildly competent too, rather than even being terrible at being corrupt.

I think I had some interesting things to link to, but I reinstalled Windows on this computer yesterday and lost all my Firefox bookmarks, stupidly. But that was the biggest problem, so generally a success.

*No idea if that link will work, it looks odd. If it doesn't, search for "sky project 2".
Tags: ankhs, clouds, politics
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