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Question Time

My MSP, Nicola Sturgeon, acquitted herself quite well on Question Time tonight. To my mild surprise, although she has been getting plenty of practice in the media in the past couple of weeks - she's been pretty much welded to the podium in the press conference room, talking about swine flu. Only David Steel was better, and he's generally fabulous, so that was unsurprising. And she was up against a Labour nonentity (well, he's leader of Scottish Labour, but I probably wouldn't have recognised him - and I'm more politically informed than most people); some right-wing journalist from the Indie whose latest column appears to be "Thirty years after Thatcher set out to change Britain, her greatness should not be in dispute"; and the entertainingly insane Nadine Dorries. None of her pet subjects came up tonight, so we didn't get to see her full battiness, sadly - you get a better flavour of it from her blog. From which she was reproducing various points tonight, I see, including an odd reference to King's Cross in relation to Trident. (And why we should keep Trident so we can blow up Iran, I think.) And the obligatory anti-Twitter witterings are in there too.

But why oh why oh why, to get a bit Points of View about it, are there always nutters in the audience of programmes filmed in Scotland? Dimbleby's very good at sort of nodding and moving on, though.

Obligatory sartorial comments: Dimbleby's tie = win; Dorries' pink pleated creation = epic fail. Jeez. (I wondered if I was being sexist and more prone to comment negatively on women's outfits than men's, but I was equally unimpressed by a man on the Conservative Election Broadcast earlier wearing a green jacket, and a shirt and tie which were different shades of blue, with ginger hair and a bright red face. Though I don't suppose he can help the latter two.)

I was back at the doctor's today to check how my (decreasing) medication's getting on; I'm feeling much better and had been thinking about going back to work sometime next week, but they disagreed, so now I have another two weeks off at least. Not sure if this is yay or not - am currently filling my time with crosswords, knitting and jigsaws. Which is certainly good for my stress levels, except when I have knitting fail. Tomorrow I might get to reinstall Windows on my parents' computer, though, so that'll be exciting.


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May. 18th, 2009 10:51 am (UTC)
Helloooooo! See I can still LJ, well actually I should be revising, today Sacks, Goffman and yet more Halliday. There are too many linguists I have decided. So instead I read your journal! Woot!
I saw that question time! it was the first time in months I've been up past 9.30, but only as I'd been asleep on the sofa earlier on....
You're right about the nutters in the audience! WTF?! You think they hunt them down on purpose? And also they seemed to vet people on size, I felt rather slim watching it! hahaha, makes a nice change!
I did wonder what Dorries was on about comparing Trident with Kings Cross, I couldn't see how a fire caused by a ciggy on a wooden escalator over 20 years ago could possibly mean we need nuclear weapons???? To exterminate all smokers perhaps? Clearly a mental that one, I may have to read her blog now yuo've pointed it out!
Oh and of course I now realise she was (probably) referencing the 7/7 bombings, I always just think of that as being all London not just Kings Cross for fairly obvious reasons. Right cannot avoid work for much longer, hope yuo're well sweetie! x
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