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A ministerial masochism strategy

Interesting goings-on in politics this morning. Hazel Blears has an article in the Guardian which, despite starting out "When Gordon Brown leads Labour into the next general election," has something of the same flavour as David Miliband's article last July which was widely seen as manoeuvering for leadership. Is Blears trying something similar? Certainly the article is critical of Labour's communication and priorities, if not its policies. (If the public hate your policies, apparently it's a problem with either you or the communication - it's never that the policy is wrong. Except the Gurkhas, and even then it's because you were thinking rationally and the public are thinking emotionally, not that you're actually wrong.) She thinks "we need a ministerial "masochism strategy", where ministers engage directly and hear the anger first-hand", which I'm sure people would love, but I don't think it'd do a great deal for their popularity.

So far, so normal, maybe, but the BBC ran a headline story on the article with the headline What is Hazel Blears Up To?, and the lead story just now is Alan Johnson having popped up to defend Brown to the media. In a somewhat lukewarm fashion, I have to say, and without ruling himself out of a leadership bid.

Ah well. I don't have all that much against Brown personally, and I'm not at all convinced that any of the rest of that mob could do better. The thought of Jacqui Smith, Prime Minister is pretty terrifying. But he's certainly got himself in a bit of a mess at the moment - I reckon if he stays leader till the election, it'll only be because nobody else wants to take charge of the sinking Labour ship, because they see the election as unwinnable.



May. 3rd, 2009 06:23 pm (UTC)
I don't think the Tories will want to take over that particular wreck either, she's on her way to Davy Jones!
May. 3rd, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)
Along with a bunch of the rest of them, I hope!


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