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The swines, etc

Ho hum. This week I have been mostly being ill due to new panic attack medication, which is always fun. Got signed off work and escaped down to my parents' for a bit, hence the lack of internetting. Now have new new medication to counteract the (hopefully temporary) nasty side-effects of the new medication. I'm blaming all the medication for the fact that I'm hooked on the snooker championships. (Because watching six hours of snooker a day is...not normal, really. But it's exciting! Um...)

Still, at least it's not swine flu, eh? One of my friends was meant to be going on his dream trip to see the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, and his tour's just been cancelled. (He's in the US just now, on his way to Australia, also going via Fiji, which is having trouble with its martial government. A fabulous itinerary which all seems to be going a bit wrong, oh dear...) Alas, because I don't have Tweetdeck here, I've missed watching "swine flu" on Twitter, but luckily XKCD has told me about it. Hee.

Pretty much every news story these days just makes me want to know what Ben Goldacre has to say about it. I've just read his Guardian article about swine flu - it's good, if not reassuring if you like certainty in your pundits - and I want to know what he thinks about this face cream that absolutely, positively has been proven to reduce wrinkles. (Apart from "who cares", obviously.)
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