Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction


I have an account on Dreamwidth's closed beta! Hurrah! And whoa, it's shiny. I ported my entire LJ - six years' worth of posts, comments, tags, etc - over last night in a very short space of time. I don't even know how long, because it lets you do other things while it's working - I know the posts took about five minutes.

I'm pickwick at Dreamwidth too. I'm not leaving LJ in the forseeable future - I'll be cross-posting, and one of the main points of Dreamwidth is its interoperability. LJ users can comment on DW posts using your LJ account - it works as an OpenID - but I'll probably be mostly interacting on LJ anyway.

Dreamwidth posts:
Announcing Dreamwidth Studios by synecdochic
A recent fact-sheet by synecdochic
Dreamwidth and OpenID by azurelunatic

So, who else is on Dreamwidth? And are you cross-posting, or should I be looking out for separate entries on LJ and DW?
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