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Shipwrecked and comatose

...Yeah. That wasn't great, was it? Maybe I should have waited and watched all three together. I watched it with four other Dwarf fans of varying strength, and we were all confused to varying levels, which didn't help. I was actually least confused because I watched a bit of series 6 and, I think, none of 7&8 (or if I did I've repressed it) so the fact that the new ep completely ignored most of the plot progression in the later series passed me by.

But more importantly, where was the funny? We laughed, as a group, twice - once in the first half and once in the second. (Possibly at the "bit crap" line, and definitely at "there's something bigger than God coming towards you".) Individuals snickered quietly at other bits, but...not much. The biggest Dwarf-related laugh of the night was when I read a Tweet that said "New Red Dwarf Review: a bit crap," which is unfortunate. So yeah, no funny, and DJJ seemed to have forgotten how to play Cat and was doing a bad impersonation, and the combination of much older crew members and new shiny spaceship (and CGI) was weird. Beginning to think they just shouldn't do reunion episodes of shows - are they ever good?

But, hey, the scutters were there! That made me squeak with glee. And the theme tune is still made of awesome.

It totally hit the top of Twitter's trending topics and just stayed there, though, which is nuts. It's still there! (The trending topics are one of my favourite things about Twitter.) ALSO I just found a version of the theme tune on Spotify which has four verses instead of two! Nuts!

I think I'm waiting till Monday to celebrate Zombie Weekend, because then all the chocolate will be half price. But have a good one, all of you. (Especially those to whom this weekend is actually special.)



Apr. 11th, 2009 09:16 am (UTC)
The full version is on one of the DVD releases I think - there's certainly one where you can play all the music cues (I had a geeky few hours playing with that one day when I was immobile). I've a feeling it was also on one of the single releases - possibly one of the editions of TongueTied (but not the one I have...).


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