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That was...interesting.

Man, the F1 was a mess. Highly entertaining, but a mess.

First hour in Malaysia was amazing - loads of overtaking, interesting tyre tactics - Glock absolutely storming through by having the right tyres (inters) when everyone else was flailing about madly on slicks or wets. Button out in front from the start, amazing fight between Webber and Hamilton further down the points - they must have overtaken each other a dozen times.

Then the monsoon came in, like it does most afternoons at this time of year. Lightning hitting the grandstands and the commentary box, cars spinning all over the place at 40km/h, aquaplaning on full wets. Race red-flagged with Button in first, Glock second, Heidfeld third. Then nearly an hour of people sitting around on the grid waiting to see if there'd be a restart, and the commentary teams frantically trying to fill time. At least they got to wander round the grid and talk to people... Constant hints that they might restart under safety car conditions to get them to 75% of the race, because if less than that is run they only get half points. And of course the race time is capped at two hours, and can't go over that. Eventually they admit it's not going to be re-started, and only then point out that they take the results from the last full lap, so Glock's down to third, Hamilton's down to 5th from 7th, etc. Slightly downbeat and confused podium!

And it's all because fecking Bernie Ecclestone changed the start time this year for global TV reasons. Hopefully now he's learned that an afternoon/ twilight race in monsoon season in Malaysia means lots of grid-sitting, which won't be great for ratings!

Plenty of hilarity though. This Legard guy the Beeb have commentating with Brundle is entertainingly bad - "Oh, and he's gone off AGAIN!!" Brundle: "Er, that's the replay."

After the red flag, we had Massa going off on one on the team radio, and his engineer Rob Smedley calming him down with a "Felipe, baby, stay cool! Stay cool!" broadcast around the world. f1slash will go nuts - Twitter certainly did.

We had Raikkonen deciding relatively early that he wasn't driving any more, and wandering around with an ice-cream and a Coke instead.

And Lewis Hamilton not knowing that he was 7th rather than 5th amused me, but that might be just because I still have an inexplicable dislike for him.

The BBC just finished off their programme with Biffy Clyro covering Umbrella - "Here in the dark you can't see shiny cars" - ha!

The amount of info you can get these days for the F1 is insane. I was mostly just watching the race and the Twitterfall for F1 and Formula 1, but there are several commentaries on red button on TV, plus live streaming, text commentary and leaderboard on the website. And you can get live lap/sector times on the official F1 website, which is just amazing.

My brother's running the Paris marathon...just now, actually, but I can't find a way to watch it online. Maybe through random Paris webcams, heh.



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Apr. 5th, 2009 11:48 am (UTC)
It was great! Nice to see Eddie Jordan still hasn't got the hang of looking in the right direction when there's more than one camera on him...and the Toyota guys blocking Brundle from seeing their triple diffuser...and David Coulthard STILL with his sunglasses perched rakishly on top of his strangely-shaped head, even in the pissing rain and the dark....
Apr. 6th, 2009 09:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I was torn between amusement and exasperation most of the time :D Nice to see everyone picking on Bernie now, though. And those Toyota guys were hilarious - like, we've already seen photos, guys...
Apr. 5th, 2009 01:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it was great up until the rain became too much and everyone had to go off track for a mope under an umbrella (or an ice-cream in Raikkonen's case); and despite the rain, David Coulthard didn't let go of his sunglasses! I was hopeful for a while that they'd restart the race but it wasn't to be. Nice to see Button win again, even if it was only a half-victory really.

I really felt for the BBC commentary team when they had to effectively commentate on an hour or so of nothing really happening. That sort of things separates the men from the boys.
Apr. 6th, 2009 09:20 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I kept thinking they might restart the race, but then if they'd just trailed around for eight laps behind a safety car in order to get full points, I don't think I'd have been very impressed.

The commentary was quite impressive, considering - I don't think Legard was even that bad during that bit, when he wasn't being asked to keep up with anything much! And they got Jake and Eddie and DC in earlier than they would have been, I think, which was good.
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