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My computer has more memory than me

The trouble with late shifts, and consequent weird sleeping patterns, is that people keep buzzing your front door when you're trying to sleep. Two different flavours of postman, this morning (or it could have been the same one twice, I wasn't really awake enough to notice), and the people who clean the stairs. But that meant shiny parcels (from the postmen, not the cleaners), so I suppose they're forgiven. First was the very lovely Dark Heresy gaming sourcebook, which I've been meaning to get for ages. It's a beautifully produced book, crammed full of helpful background knowledge of the Imperium, lists of enticing weaponry, and pretty pictures. Yay!

Second was the holy-crap-1TB-of-storage-for-how-much Toshiba hard drive I gave in and bought after my computer blue-screened and I realised that yes, I really should back up occasionally. It's very lovely, too. Smaller than my 250GB hard drive, and shinier, and much, much quieter. I'm busy copying about 130GB of assorted downloaded gubbins to it, which could take a while. And I should get back to putting all my music on to the computer, too - I wanted to listen to the Field Mice the other day, and had to actually go and dig out the physical CD. Horrendous. (Actually, I was listening to a TAPE the other day - Victor and Barry comedy. Must find someone who can put that on the computer for me, too, before the tape dies.)

..and I just got SO distracted on youtube. Someone's put up loads of Victor and Barry stuff, though no songs that I can see. V&B are the comedy duo that Alan Cumming was half of in the late '80s, with Forbes Masson. There's a clip of them on Glen Michael's Cartoon Cavalcade, and I wouldn't have claimed to remember the theme tune to that, but as soon as it started - whoa! Flashback! Heh. Also footage from the Scottish part of an ITV telethon which includes a man singing with his head in a washing machine, while they're mildly sarcastic at him. Very odd. And there is a clip of them doing a song about the Edinburgh Festival on the STV website.

I may have had something else in mind to say before I sidetracked myself, there, but if I did, I've completely forgotten it.


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