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So, yeah, the F1 season looks like it's going to be interesting! Managed to get out to laerad's today without finding out who won, in time to watch the repeat. Go Brawn! And argh, Kubica and Vettel, what were you THINKING? You're supposed to be earning me fantasy F1 points, not taking each other out from 2nd and 3rd three laps from the end. Gah. Fantastic race, though, and some of the new rules make things really open. Some of the drivers who have the KERS are better with it than others (we think the computer gamers are more used to it - NITROS!) and the lack of downforce is going to make things really fun the first time we get rain. Ha. But there was a lot of overtaking, especially for a street track, and people were right up behind each other, so some of the rule changes seem to have worked nicely. I still have an instinctive aversion to Hamilton that I can't seem to shake, too. And I must go and watch whatever Murray Walker's done on the website, actually.

I saw what might have been the first DS9 episode I've ever seen, and it was...all right, heh. If you'd asked me to guess when it was made I'd have said about 1985, though. Oops. BSG has a lot to answer for. Saw a couple more BSG eps - I'm still near the beginning of season 2, and apparently the guys had to do a LOT of poker faced non-reacting, since they've both seen it all, or nearly so. Must keep catching up. (I now look at Helo and think "Eee, Ballard from Dollhouse", rather than vice versa, so Dollhouse seems to have got into my psyche pretty quickly.)



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Mar. 29th, 2009 11:59 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed the race - great to see Jenson Button back at the sharp end, and overall one of the great fairy stories that F1 produces now and again. Not only did team Brawn get first and second in their first race, they've only been this team for a matter of two or three months ! Would you believe it in a movie ?

I don't like this new regulation of driver's champion being the driver with the most wins instead of most points. I think consistancy should be rewarded, as it still is for the constructor's championship. Those new wide front wings look bizarre though - will take a little getting used to. I've never heard of the guy who was co-commentating with Martin Brundle. I thought he did an OK job - just a bit colourless. Early days yet though.
And 'The Chain' FTW. F1 never sounded right without it.
Mar. 30th, 2009 12:22 am (UTC)
Heh, yeah, it's amazing. Although I suppose to an extent they're not a "new" new team, but as you say, you wouldn't believe it in a movie! Last time it happened was in 1954, apparently.

No, I don't like the the new system of wins, either. It seems like it'll cut down on the number of possible contenders for the championship, and also could make the last few races pretty dull.

Heh, I heard The Chain on a trial the other day, and virtually squeed out loud. Proper F1.
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