Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

Street View

Like almost everyone else in the country, I've spent a large proportion of today mucking about on Google Street View. It's very cool. I can see my house from Paisley Road West, although the camera car didn't actually come round into my street. It didn't go near my work, either, or my first three flats in Glasgow - they're all *just* off the map. I can see the flat I stayed in before this, though - the landlord has put new windows in, finally!

Been retracing my steps in London at the weekend a bit - both places I stayed are just off the map there, too. Very odd. And my home town isn't on Street View at all.

Two of my friends so far have found themselves pictured on it - one of them twice, because the pedestrians on Byres Road were moving faster than the camera car. Well, that's what he says - I suspect he's actually been cloned.

Right. I have finished re-importing music into MediaMonkey, and am now going to attempt to fix the tags on...7159 files, apparently. Sigh.
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