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I Tweet Therefore I Am

  • 18:17 Oh, I owe Royal Mail an apology - the £12 customs was for *three Threadless t-shirts yay*. Can't believe I forgot about them. #
  • 18:19 RT @rhodri Express editor blames bloggers is.gd/n2wO for the reaction to this pile of horseshit tinyurl.com/dunblane #
  • 20:25 Going to be doing #goodradioclub in five mins, sorry for spam. Check out goodradioclub.co.uk/ - R4 programme about t'internet #
  • 20:32 following #goodradioclub with monitter.com #
  • 20:37 what was the point of that "people going upstairs" sound effect?! #goodradioclub #
  • 20:38 I don't think it's the same as flicking channel at all - the info is still there when you go back to the previous website #goodradioclub #
  • 20:44 these kids are reading the wrong bits of the internet, I find plenty of challenging stuff #goodradioclub #
  • 20:49 I'm reading more non-fiction because of things I've seen on the internet and want to find out more about. #goodradioclub #
  • 20:51 yep - this guys got it - shift from knowledge to thinking and knowing how to find information. #goodradioclub #
  • 20:53 ffs, teach them the framework to understand and vet info online, then, don't tell them to use books instead. #goodradioclub #
  • 20:57 will have to look up this guy's research, sounds rubbish to me ;) always did my homework to music, 15 years ago... #goodradioclub #
  • 21:01 twitterfall kept up with #goodradioclub much better than monitter.com. #
  • 21:07 @evana11 @pocketpoet Yeah, think pre-reading helped me stay on top of it too #
  • 21:12 #goodradioclub A bit more info on Westwell's multitasking research here - research on interruptions not flicking by choice. bit. ... #
  • 21:13 #goodradioclub sorry, here: bit.ly/ldQmE #
  • 21:29 #goodradioclub Full Westwell multitasking study available here in pdf (score one for google!) - bit.ly/18406Y #
  • 23:38 is away from tomorrow till tuesday, so will be tweeting, blogging and fbing less, though I will have my eee with me... #fb #
  • 17:17 Gah, can't get eee to connect to wireless, having to troubleshoot via phone - bloody technology... #
  • 17:28 successfully connected to t'internet in a starbucks near london bridge. hurrah. waiting for ppl to finish work... #
  • 17:54 Whedon vs Wheaton for Secretary of Geek Affairs- vote now! tinyurl.com/dcpxq6 #

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