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Various things to link to.

I've been avoiding actually participating in RaceFail09, but have been occasionally scanning for bits that look like they might be of worth and aren't people-who-are-mostly-on-the-same-side doing their damnedest to make lifelong enemies of each other. There are interesting things, educational things, if you've got the time to put in searching through and analysing everything. There's a thread on Scalzi's Whatever where he explains why he's staying well out of it despite people's efforts to drag him in. The comments are a very interesting and mostly polite (ahh, moderation) meta-discussion about the "imbroglio" - apparently this is the preferred term and people get very annoyed when you use "wank", even when it displays all the signs of wank - and about how to have this kind of discussion, with a sideline into white privilege, too. And dolphin__girl's great essay Yelling Class has given me hope that people might get something useful from the flamewar in the long run. And the comments about the tone argument on andrewducker's journal have changed my mind about a few things too.

There's a good article and comment thread on Watchmen at Pandagon, about what kind of film it is, and why some people insist on judging it as a straightforward superhero film and complaining that these people aren't heroes or role-models. And, of course, the problems relating to when people DO think, eg, Rorschach is a hero. Interesting discussion about unreliable narrators and satire and genre deconstruction, and how many cues should be provided to tell people what kind of a film they're watching.

From Sunday, an astonishingly powerful essay in the Washington Post about parents whose children are killed after they accidentally leave them in a car in hot weather. It's an upsetting and uncomfortable read (I think especially if you have children, naturally), but it's important, I think. There's a good interview with the author here, too, which expands on some points.

And some funny, to make up for that last one: F My Life gives short anecdotes of why people's life sucks, that you can vote on! Hurrah. And the last three days' XKCD have all made me laugh out loud, mostly at the alt.text...


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Mar. 12th, 2009 04:51 pm (UTC)
Article is worth it for the phrase "Dolly Madison fail cakes with bad logic creme filling".

Other than that, race fail... fails.

The most amusing fail is when people say, "People I generally respect turn into raving lunatics when I do 'X'... what's wrong with them."

Make them me and you have the right question.

But no one can ask that, can they?
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