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The Mail watches the Watchmen

Oh, boo. The Watchmen credits were available online last night, but they've been removed by request of the copyright holders now. Very pretty, though... There are a couple of vids on youtube, but they're "not available in my country".

Anyway, the Daily Mail has reviewed Watchmen. Shockingly, they didn't get it. Also, it's a terrible indictment of the world today.

The review complains about the "shocking tastelessness" of the violence. It calls the vigilantes "alarmingly fascistic", which made me laugh out loud - the Mail saying that like it's a bad thing! Maybe they're secret left-wingers! It calls it unoriginal, pretentious, overblown, and hard to stay awake through. And it finishes:

Watchmen is unwatchable - a grotesque squandering of time, talent and technology.

This despicable trash will find an audience among sad sociopaths, deranged pseudo-intellectuals and brutalised, immature men of all ages. I just hope that there aren't enough of them to make it a hit. If there are, God help cinema.

I think I must be a deranged pseudo-intellectual.

Now, what better reason do you need to go and see it?

(Edit: And hey, the spam comments are getting more interesting o.O)



Mar. 9th, 2009 11:14 am (UTC)
Well, I loved it. I didn't mind the smallish changes they made to the book, for the most part it all made sense and my wife (who had not read the book) managed to follow it all just fine. I just enjoyed seeing it all come together so much like the comic book - almost everything in it played out, sounded and looked like I imagined it would.

Unoriginal? Wow. What kind of cretin slates the film of a 20-year-old very original comic book as 'unoriginal'. Do they actually research anything that they print?

What was the deal with the credits? At 2h 50m, the very minutes the credits started to run we headed for the car (to be fair it was almost midnight). Was there something going on later in the credits?
Mar. 10th, 2009 12:24 am (UTC)
Yeah, I liked it - I'm going to see it again, heh. And yeah, you do wonder if they slam the Beatles for being unoriginal too, because there's other stuff now that sounds like them...

Credits, it was the fantastic opening credits that were online for a bit. They're fun to watch just in isolation.


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