Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

Hello Sunshine

Things I have now that I didn't have this morning:

  • A bin bag full of clothes to take to the charity shop.

  • A brand new shiny library card, thanks to a visit to the Mitchell. (Where I was "helped" by the slowest typist in the world, who also completely failed to check my requisite two forms of ID. I could be ANYONE running off with their books. ANYONE.)

  • Only five books to read from the library, cos four of them are on two-week loans. Julian Baggini, Dan Dennett, David Crystal, JS Mill and, er, Tricia Sullivan. Good haul. Worried my friend by spotting the enormous Cambridge Grammar Of The English Language and going "Ooh! I read his blog!"

  • Three pairs of socks with robots on them, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a bra and a wallet, but sadly not an outfit for the wedding I'm going to in ten days, which was the actual plan.

  • A stomach full of lovely lovely fajitas from Buddha. (Er, that sounds odd. It's a pub, obviously.)

  • The Dead Like Me film and the new Big Bang Theory episode to watch, and Red Riding taped, too.

Tags: books, films, shinies, tv
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