Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

More Modern Liberty

I've volunteered to help out with editing transcripts for the Convention on Modern Liberty website, because they do need it - I tried to read one earlier and my inner copy-editor shrieked and ran away in terror - and it's nice when there's something I can do that uses my normally useless skillset! The transcripts were done using Palantyping, which I'd never heard of. I can't quite tell from googling whether it's a specific version of stenography (the British version?), or something different. It's similar to stenography, anyway. There's an interesting description here. It looks immensely hard to do! Also really interesting and I want to learn. (When I say the transcripts need editing, I'm not insulting the transcribers at all - they're damn good quality real-time transcriptions, you just need higher accuracy for a permanent web page.)

It's a little frustrating doing this using an online video player that doesn't have the nice "No, wait, go back 3 seconds - WHAT did you say?" button that my software at work has. Gah. But at least these people are saying things I agree with, unlike most of the people I have to transcribe at work...

If anyone fancies doing a bit of editing or transcribing, follow the link above and drop Guy an email - they want to get all the panels and plenaries done at least, I think.
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