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Clause 152

The Coroners and Justice Bill that the government is trying to push through is dodgy for various reasons - secret inquests, and so on - but at the moment most of the opposition to it is centred on Clause 152. This clause will effectively let the government share any information that any government facility or private company has on you with any other government facility or private company. It completely negates the Data Protection Act. There have been protests about this for a few months, since NO2ID spotted it, and Jack Straw seems to be backing down slightly and talking about amending it.

This is not enough. It needs to be erased entirely.

Today, eight top medical organisations have raised "grave concerns" about this data sharing and how it might affect the NHS, and give people outwith the NHS unprecedented access to people's private medical records, and to overturn confidentiality clauses in the current laws regarding fertility treatment, STDs, etc. Great news, of course, but I'm worried that the bill will be rewritten to exclude medical information, and people will think the civil rights activists will have won. They won't have. The bill would still allow massive amounts of information to be amassed, collated and stored. It would be an easy way to get vast amounts of data for the National Identity Register without bothering with pesky things like having to ask people for their private information. This is perhaps particularly worrying in Scotland - our government is still against ID cards and the NIR, but this legislation would allow information held in Scotland to be passed to the UK government, and private IT companies, without Edinburgh having to be consulted at all. We could end up with our data on the NIR while our government is still loudly opposing the whole idea.

If the idea of this wholesale dissemination of your private data worries you, write to your MP via TheyWorkForYou, and ask them to get Clause 152 erased from the bill.

(In other news, Heston Blumenthal is nuts. Jelly with absinthe and dildos?! Welll, it's different...)


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Mar. 4th, 2009 08:07 am (UTC)
Eeek! This scares me. From an insurance and banking point of view, what the holy *hell* do they think they are doing?! We have the DPA ingrained upon our souls, it is GOD, and they want to do *what*?
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