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dibsy made a meme!

Set iTunes (or whatever) to list tracks in alphabetical order. Then post the track name and artist of the first song for each letter of the alphabet, with a little comment if you are inclined that way. It should go without saying that you should not skip the embarrassing ones, but feel free to skip ones that aren't really tracks, or are badly labelled.

Right, bearing in mind that the music on my PC is really badly labelled, and mostly has broken tags, and there are far too many tracks called 01 or Track 03 or which have the artist's name in the title bit, here's what I have:

A Bushel And A Peck - Guys And Dolls. One of my least favourite songs from the soundtrack, but still cool.
Baba Yetu - Civilisation IV computer game.
Ca, C'est L'Amour - John Barrowman Swings Cole Porter. Not one of Porter's more famous songs, and...I must have hit skip a lot. No idea.
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House - LCD Soundsystem. Not usually into this young people's dance music, but this was on one of the SSX snowboarding games so it got into my head...
E Generation - Zebrahead. Haven't listened to this much, but Zebrahead are fun.
Face On Breast - Scott Walker. From the 1995 album Tilt, which is mainly Weird And Freaky, but I've got most of Scott Walker's stuff.
Gamer - Jo Mango. I saw Jo Mango doing a set in a tiny chocolate shop/cafe in the south side along with one of my friends, years ago now. She was playing a squeeze box and I loved her songs. Quite folky. The album I have doesn't capture the magic of the live songs, but it's not bad.
Hair Baby - Scissor Sisters. Dunno - got the album for I Can't Decide, basically.
I Am A Rock - the Me First & the Gimme Gimmes version comes up before the Simon & Garfunkel version, but I do have both.
Jack & Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp. Ooh, eighties-tastic. I actually have this because it reminds me of a friend from school who loved the song.
Kandy Pop - Bis. Oh, man. When this came out, and Bis were being hyped massively ("first unsigned band ever on TOTP!!1!"), I hated it. So much. But it turned up on a compilation I bought a couple of years later, and I realised that it's a lot of fun.
La Resistance - South Park: the Movie soundtrack. This soundtrack doesn't get enough credit for the sheer quality of the music, and this is one of the best songs - it's mostly a medley of other songs from the soundtrack, done really well. (Is it still just called a medley when a bunch of songs/ lines are being sung at the same time, fitting in with each other?)
M6ster - Half Man Half Biscuit. "Dad, are we nearly there yet?" Can't beat a bit of HMHB. Also, someone did a google maps mashup of all the place names mentioned in HMHB songs, which is one of those things that make the internet the best invention ever.
Na Na Na Na Naa - Kaiser Chiefs. Bit of a filler track, not much to say about it...
O Fortuna - LGSO. I don't have much classical music; have this because someone I knew was singing in it, but it's great. I should get more classical stuff, in fact.
P.S. You Rock My World - Eels. I love E's voice, and I love the title of's quite good too!
Quality Janitor - Half Man Half Biscuit again. Still marvellous.
Race For The Prize - Flaming Lips. Much love for the Flaming Lips. I've got a version of this done live with Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy too, which is fantastic.
S.A.D. Light - Glasvegas. Haven't listened to this album much either...
Tailspin - the Divine Comedy, from their not-really-available first album that doesn't count because it was just Neil without any of the proper band. Weirdly dance-y, not terribly good, to be honest.
U Boat - Kasabian. Another one I have no idea about.
Valley Of The Damned - Dragonforce. Metal guitar shredding...
Wait - Sweeney Todd soundtrack. Not one of the more memorable tracks.
X&Y - Coldplay. I like Coldplay more than you're supposed to, but not this track, particularly.
Y Teimlad - Super Furry Animals, John Peel session. Nice little track. Think it translates as "the feelings".
Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie. Ahhh, this just makes me think of Guitar Hero - it's probably my favourite song to play on it. My fingers automatically do air fake-guitar for the little twiddly bits.

One more Being Human to watch. Hasn't quite stayed at the quality of the first one, but still great.

Tomorrow is the Convention On Modern Liberty, a huge civil liberties, er, convention. Speakers include Vince Cable, Shami Chakrabarti, Cory Doctorow, Helena Kennedy, Phillip Pullman, tons of others. I've decided to stay home and watch the London one online rather than going to the Glasgow one, I think. (Because I'd have to, like, talk to people. Erk.) But it's probably worth heading along to the one in your local area if you're more sociable than me!
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