Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

Nothing to get hung about

I have a Terrible Problem. Whenever I have a week of 8-4 shifts, I end up doing all sorts of Real Life Stuff, and totally getting behind on all my essential internet reading and TV watching! Argh! (And damn, I forgot to listen to the News Quiz again. I think.)

Last night was meant to be roleplaying, but people were late and/ or knackered, so we ate pancakes and played Worms instead. We discovered that with double damage and moon gravity on a Camelot setting, you can kill 12 out of 16 in-play worms in the first turn of the game, simply by setting off a few teeny mines. Well, laerad can, anyway. Also I don't get nearly as upset when you kill my The Doctor worm as I used to when you killed my Giles worm. Grrr.

Tonight I met a friend for coffee at Coffee Republic, where they do a fantastic array of milkshakes made from (or to taste like) chocolate bars. The Bounty one is very nice, and I must go back to try the Chocolate HobNobs one. And the Jaffa Cake one. Ferrero Rocher milkshake sounds a bit odd, though...and they are ridiculously expensive for a drink. But yum.

Random linkage:

(Also, I was massively amused when I found this icon, because "nothing is real..." was my signature piece of graffiti on exam desks and so on when I was younger. Such a rebel, me.)
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