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There's been some controversy today about the news that some people have complained about CBeebies' new disabled presenter because she might "scare the kids".

Trouble is, as far as I can tell, this is just more random bad journalism and muck-stirring from the Daily Mail, which has taken a three-week-old forum post from Digital Spy - which more or less every reply strongly disagreed with - and made a story out of it. There have been nine actual complaints to the BBC about the presenter, which I suspect is on the low side, for a new presenter, and it's important to note that the article does NOT say how many - if any - of those were about her disability.

While worrying that Cerrie might scare the kids is obviously an idiotic and appalling point of view, I see much worse on DS every week. And DS is the sensible, moderated board I frequent, not the unmoderated nutty one. The original thread is here. Nobody has much time for the OP's point of view, but it seems to be an honest question, and he gets honest, shocked replies. I've had run-ins with him before and we tend to be on opposite sides of any debate, but he's not a troll, he's not inherently an idiot and he's not a monster, and demonising him seems pretty counter-productive - especially in his absence, since he hasn't been online for a few days.

I'm probably just being defensive of my forum here. I jabber away on it regularly, and I'm sure I wouldn't be comfortable with some of the throwaway or devil's advocate posts I've made being scrutinised and condemned by the wider world. Threads are started for the purpose of causing debate, and principles are sometimes temporarily abandoned in the pursuit of a point. To employ an irritatingly extended metaphor, I don't like that all these strangers have turned up at my local pub purely to shout at one of the regulars because someone told them he said a stupid thing last week, and have then gone to the authorities about it to get him in more trouble. That annoys me even though it's not a regular I particularly get on with, and obviously I strongly disagree with the idiotic thing he said.

I would also like to make a complaint about Cerrie. WTF kind of a way is that to spell Kerry?! Yeesh. This is why kids today can't spell, y'know.
Tags: argh, internet
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