Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

While I pondered, weak and weary

Random things:

This blog is currently 477th in the Wikio Rankings for general UK blogs. (Er, that list only goes up to 200, but I have been Reliably Informed.) W00t? I suspect this is miss_s_b's fault for linking to me, so thank you, I think! Lookee, a badge:

Wikio - Top Blogs

I *just* failed to buy the Wil Wheaton-designed shirt on shirt.woot today before it sold out, so will have to buy it tomorrow for $5 more. Boo. I did buy a very shiny Nevermore raven shirt, though:

Click to see detail. I...have no words for how awesome that is. Yay. Still on t-shirts, I found the Sheldon Shirts site, where you can buy most of the t-shirts that Sheldon wears on The Big Bang Theory.

Play have the Rocky Horror/ Shock Treatment Lips Boxset for £13, RRP £70. I'm trying to persuade myself that I really don't need it.

I'm off work with irritatingly non-specific illness today (sore neck, weird head-pressure thing, no appetite *at all*) and couldn't get a doctor's appointment due to them being utterly crap, so will probably be off tomorrow too. My plans involve more BBT, and BSG season 2. Hurray!

Edit: And we were being very scathing at work yesterday about the idea of Lenny Henry playing Othello, so it's interesting to see that he's mainly getting good reviews. The Telegraph one in particular adores him, despite not being a fan at all, and having been cynical about the casting.
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