Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

Tortiloquy of the Day

Oh, I have been playing with Save The Words since Stephen Fry linked to it the other day, and - of course, since it's from Stephen Fry - it is utterly marvellous. Go! Adopt an endangered word! How about foppotee? Or sturionic? Or abligurition?


Tortiloquy means "dishonest or immoral speech", so I'm sure there'll be no shortage of opportunities to use it.

For example, last week the Guardian published an infuriating tortiloquy from Hazel Blears, informing us that the one and only constructive way to get involved in politics is to run for office, and that you shouldn't criticise anyone unless you have also tested your "opinions, values and personal attributes" at the ballot box. It was a response to a critical article by George Monbiot, and he's replied again with a bit of a character demolition. I tend not to agree with Monbiot much more than I agree with Blears, so I'm mostly rubbernecking at the car crash, here.
Tags: politics, words
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