Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

Children of Earth

So the trailer is out for this year's Torchwood, which is five episodes shown over a week:

(Better quality versions on the BBC site and the BBC America site.)

Yeah, looks like Torchwood. Could be good, could be terrible, and I'll probably enjoy it anyway. Hurray! Still no word on an air date, though, except minor rumours about July.

I am, however, thoroughly amused by the fact that there's a squee post and a review/ reaction post on torch_wood. Ahhh, fandom.

(I mock with love! I'm currently reading - yes, reading, from front to back - Brave New Words, the Oxford science-fiction and SF fannish dictionary. And it's fabulous. I'm up to F.)
Tags: fandom, torchwood, videos
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