Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction


I know a few of you detest seeing twitter feeds on LJ, and some of the rest of you probably aren't fussed. matgb has a handy post telling you how to stop seeing people's twitter feeds on your friends page, if it annoys you that much! It's a 30-second fix. (Given its existence, I'll probably be un-cutting my tweets again shortly.)

For me, as with anything, it's not the posting of inane drivel that's the attraction, it's the people and the communication. And in Twitter's case, the sheer speed that news can spread. And the photos of Stephen Fry stuck in a lift, obviously. A key thing to note is that the Twitter website, in and of itself, is frankly a bit shit. Used in conjunction with a decent Twitter application (I use TweetDeck), and tie-in websites like TwitScoop and #hashtags, it's awesome.
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