Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction

I've seen better days but I don't care...

A couple of OMG WTF things to complain about:

You may or may not remember that Amanda Palmer had trouble with her last single - her record label wouldn't promote the video because she had a stomach. You know, like a normal person. She's got another single coming out, Oasis. This time many radio and TV stations in the UK are refusing to play it because it's a chirpy, upbeat song which mentions rape and abortion. Apparently you're only allowed to mention these things in a minor-key ballad, or something. According to the record label, "All our TV outlets have refused to play the video due to it “making light of rape, religion and abortion”." Er?!?! I disagree anyway, but what the hell is religion doing in there? Amanda has a great blog post on it, where you can watch the video too. (Might be slightly triggery for rape/abortion issues, but nothing )

On a completely different note - and this seems to be old news, but I'd missed it completely - Bletchley Park is being left to rot, and requires your fundraising and petition-signing efforts, pls. Because Bletchley Park is AWESOME, and needs to exist. (If you don't know it, it was Britain's main codebreaking establishment in WWII, breaking the Enigma machine code among others; one of the earliest digital electronic computers was built there in 1943; Alan Turing (of the Turing Test fame) worked there; and at one point they hired people by setting a Daily Telegraph crossword competition and offering a job to anyone who completed the crossword in under 12 minutes. I told you, AWESOME.
Tags: geekery, music
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