Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction


  • 13:21 has failed Geekdom, and can't help her colleague with Vulcan spellings. #
  • 13:30 hates hates hates PR people. Gah. (Tesco PR people in this case.) (Also, today's first slaughtered animal = chicken.) ~~ #
  • 15:17 wonders who broke the internet #
  • 15:22 hurray, someone has fixed the internet ~~ google is resurrected. #
  • 15:35 twitscoop seems to be fairly dead, though. ~~ #
  • 15:41 Nielson deletes Reply To All button to "eliminate inefficiency". Idiots. ~~ #
  • 16:51 can't believe I missed b3ta goatse-ing the Daily Mail yesterday ~~ (that page is SFW, the video possibly isn't.) #
  • 18:20 The reason the internet broke ~~ a stray "/" in google's malware database. Pity that coder. #

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