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Here comes the flood...

I feel like I should do a proper entry, but haven't got much to say. Work is busy yet dull. I did manage to sleep in this morning for no reason whatsoever - got to bed relatively early*, set my usual three alarms, completely failed to hear any of them. Or possibly heard them and turned them off without waking up. Possibly I need one of those foghorn ones, or a CD alarm programmed with death metal, or the ones that run away, or something. My dad suggested getting one that poured cold water over me, which would probably work, but I'm not sure they're currently available. Wallace & Gromit could make one for me.

Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy is joining up with The Duckworth Lewis Method for a cricket concept album. Er, yay? The song on the myspace is quite good, anyway. And in trying to find out more about it I ended up on the HotPress website - wow. I used to read HotPress in the days when I loved pretty much everything on Setanta. The record label, not the football channel, OBVIOUSLY. I have also been watching youtube videos of the Divine Comedy, and squeeing with novawildstar on Twitter about the cuteness of Neil. Feels just like 1997.

I'm staying well out of the latest LJ debacle about racism/ cultural appropriation, though I've read bits of it. (Link archive here). I doubt if anyone's read even half of it, and now half of the posts are deleted/ f-locked, so nobody really knows what's going on. All I can say is that the original (and later) complainers MAY have had a point, but the one thing they have not done in the ensuing clusterfuck is encourage anyone worried about these issues to enter the dialogue. rozk has a couple of eminently sensible posts on the subject, of which a crucial point is the importance of seeing and recognising the difference between negligence and malignity.


Jan. 29th, 2009 01:58 pm (UTC)
Yep, I'm in complete agreement. And I don't think the blurring of the line between inadvertant or unconscious racism and blatant or intentional racism actually helps anyone.

I think it particularly bothers me because I spend a lot of time on other fora fighting the blatant racism, explaining that no, "paki" isn't just an abbreviation, and no, immigrants aren't ruining the country, and so on. There's plenty of that around, so when people are going out of their way to attack those who share 99.9% of their beliefs and have just said something unfortunate, I wonder if they couldn't be doing something more useful. The whole of this debate seems to be from a very academic, ivory tower race theory perspective, in some respects. Which isn't a bad thing, but people are treating it like the end of the world.


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