Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction


  • 11:07 is complaining, as usual #
  • 11:54 Hot off the press from the BBC - apparently there are going to be new Red Dwarf shows! Who knew?! ~~ #
  • 12:51 watching divine comedy live videos while writing up meeting notes ~~ #
  • 16:45 can't believe how terrible Shameless is these days. Yeesh. ~~ #
  • 16:48 Also, best song ever ~~ #
  • 18:48 Another death ~~ John Updike :( #
  • 19:09 is admiring Jon Snow's stripey socks #
  • 19:45 is cringing at Jon Snow completely forgetting John Updike's name halfway through the news, eek ~~ #
  • 20:25 wants to see the myspace movie, but not enough to rejoin myspace to do so. #

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