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Ahhh, that's better. This week's QI didn't have Johnny Vegas (or Pam Ayres) on it. And the extended version (available on iPlayer in the UK) was 45 minutes. Hurrah! And involved Andre the Giant, and the Princess Bride, and Stephen Fry saying YAY and OMG and LOL, and also axolotls:


Want. (More about axolotls, and yeah, you can keep them as exotic pets.)

Some links, for I have many.

Hal Duncan talks about Narnia: why Edmund Must Die, but the Story (or the narrativium) undermines the Message. (As always: sweary, longwinded, probably offensive, and utterly awesome.)

What is a deep-fried pizza? In case you're unaware of this, er, delicacy.

80 million tiny images - "a visualization of all the nouns in the English language arranged by semantic meaning."

Neil Gaiman explains why buttons aren't scary. No, really. Not even a little bit freaky. Honestly.

Inauguration via Twitter - a flowing global map of the Twitters about the inauguration, over time.

And if you haven't read it already, nextian's Whose stories are they? - a personal essay about Judaism. Whatever your religious views, you should read this. It's important, especially for us outspoken atheists who nevertheless try to avoid at least inadvertent offence. Next time you're throwing stones at Christianity, make sure you're not hitting Judaism with rocks instead.
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