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More leftwingery

Another political quiz, via nwhyte:

Crime and punishment, internationalism

Your position on this axis is -5.8
You are likely to be very internationalist and rehabilitationist.

Economics, etc

Your position on this axis is -1.2
You are likely to be slightly socialist and anti-war.

More interesting because it gives you a lot of data and comparisons - my results are here. The results for the vertical axis are much more clumped together than the horizontal axis, and the combination of economic and military answers often balances out, I think.

I'm Very Left Wing, apparently. More shocking news. 95.3% of the population are significantly to my right on the horizontal axis, which is a little bizarre - I don't think of my opinions as particularly extreme. I was going to say web survey = self-selecting sample, source bias, etc etc, but it turns out the comparisons are based on a properly representative 2,000 person poll of the population - there's a very interesting PDF with graphs and contour lines of those results. I particularly like the three at the bottom that are presented without comment. (And if you're avoiding it because it's a PDF, get Foxit Reader immediately and you will never have to worry about PDF problems again.)

Clicky here to take the test.



Jan. 22nd, 2009 05:48 pm (UTC)
Because the roleplayed character I invented was positioned on the graph as "anti-war and pro-EU" something I specifically designed him not to be. This is pretty straightforward, anyone looking at his position on the graph would say "oh, this person is anti-war and in favour of European integration" even though he wasn't. It essentially took his socialist beliefs (which I made very strong) and used them to position him as "anti-war" (which he wasn't) because it incorrectly took one to mean the other.

I'm not sure why the date is relevant. My roleplayed character was still claimed to be things he wasn't.


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