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More leftwingery

Another political quiz, via nwhyte:

Crime and punishment, internationalism

Your position on this axis is -5.8
You are likely to be very internationalist and rehabilitationist.

Economics, etc

Your position on this axis is -1.2
You are likely to be slightly socialist and anti-war.

More interesting because it gives you a lot of data and comparisons - my results are here. The results for the vertical axis are much more clumped together than the horizontal axis, and the combination of economic and military answers often balances out, I think.

I'm Very Left Wing, apparently. More shocking news. 95.3% of the population are significantly to my right on the horizontal axis, which is a little bizarre - I don't think of my opinions as particularly extreme. I was going to say web survey = self-selecting sample, source bias, etc etc, but it turns out the comparisons are based on a properly representative 2,000 person poll of the population - there's a very interesting PDF with graphs and contour lines of those results. I particularly like the three at the bottom that are presented without comment. (And if you're avoiding it because it's a PDF, get Foxit Reader immediately and you will never have to worry about PDF problems again.)

Clicky here to take the test.



Jan. 22nd, 2009 08:06 am (UTC)
I came out in the centre, very much to my surprise; on the Crime axis I was slightly to the right (0.8) and on the Economics one as far to the left as it is possible to be (-3.5, percentage further to the left than me 0).

No doubt it was tilted by my answer to the death penalty question; if there'd been a question about what crime I thought should get the death penalty it might have been very different because I'd have said "lying to Parliament to take the country into a war on false pretences".
Jan. 22nd, 2009 08:09 am (UTC)
Heh! Yeah, that'd do it.


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