Notes from extinction (pickwick) wrote,
Notes from extinction


  • 00:08 Happy new year, all! #
  • 00:08 (I swear someone just set fire to a box of fireworks over in the east end somewhere...)~~ #
  • 10:22 is "celebrating" New Year with a cup of coffee and a bad work. Whoo. #
  • 10:47 could do without people eating buffalo hearts straight out of the buffalo at this time of the morning. Yeesh. ~~ #
  • 11:11 Ahahahahaha, Dances With Wolves just had a "bad wolf! BAD WOLF!" line. I'm expecting a Tardis to show up shortly. ~~ #
  • 13:44 Thinking can cause weight gain ~~ #
  • 17:39 New Krypton Factor @ 7.30 tonight ~~ will it be good or not?!?!? #
  • 20:03 is surprised at how good - and not dumbed down - the Krypton Factor was... #

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