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Happiness day 8

Early today, for I am pubbing tonight:

1. QI! "Welcome to my world of knowing!" "The wonderful world of looking things up in books." QI on YouTube! QI books! (Which I think everyone in my family has got for everyone else. Ooops.) QI should make everyone happy. I missed the Christmas special on Monday, so I'll probably iPlayer it tomorrow. Along with HIGNFY and Mock The Week and various other things.

2. Whee, Christmas! I've shopped and wrapped and watched bits of the Snowman and Santa Claus the Movie. And played lots of Scrabble on my DS. There are pretty presents under the tree, and I'm listening to my current favourite Christmas song, I Want An Alien For Christmas by Fountains of Wayne.

3. I will see probably everyone in the world at the pub tonight.

4. 25 hours till Christmas Who! (I'm being optimistic that it's worth getting excited about.)

5. I have no idea if this is a happy or not. I'd wondered who was doing the Channel 4 Alternative Christmas Speech, because none of the TV guides seemed to know and it hadn't come in to work. Figured it was either really good or really crap. But...Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?! Whoa. That's proper "alternative", as opposed to Marge Simpson or Ali G or whatever...

(Edit: "In his speech, Mr Ahmadinejad congratulates the people of Britain on the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ." Er, while I'm sure we'll be glad to accept his congratulations, I'm not sure we had much to do with it... The rest of the speech seems to be "Let us religionists gang up on the secularists.")


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