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Day 5 Happies

1. After watching the twitters about it all day, I have sent my money via paypal to the scary puppet man off Heroes, and will - shortly, I hope - have a DRM-free copy of Wil Wheaton's latest audiobook, read and annotated by Wil. Hurray! Also, weird. The scary puppet man off Heroes turns out to be David H Lawrence, whose intelligent, geeky, technical blog (he's something of an internet entrepreneur, it seems) is at http://david.typepad.com/ I left that address out in full, because, whoa. Early Adopters R Us.

2. Hal Duncan has a hilariously ranty post about religion (when I say ranty, I mean sweary, hyperbolic and offensive to almost everyone) to go with his recent project - to "rearrange" the book of Revelation so that, using exactly the same words, it tells the story with God as the bad guy. (Which, as he admits, isn't that much of a stretch from Revelation anyway...) It's called violent eRa. Heeee.

3. Christmas week at work! Given that a normal week at work involves cakes and sweets and biscuits in the kitchen, this week means CAKES AND SWEETS AND BISCUITS BY THE BARREL LOAD. Hurray. There were about 12 of us in today, and we had a tin of Celebrations, a box of Quality Street, a box of Maltesers and a box of chocolate Christmas biscuits. And some leftover prawn crackers, for some reason. (Other things I haven't yet figured out: how my work year appears to have had 53 weeks. I suspect it's some leap-year-esque issue to do with always starting our weeks on Saturdays, but I still object to working on "Week 53" stuff.)

4. Via andrewducker, 40 Inspirational Speeches in two minutes. From movies, and nicely cut together. Made me laugh.

5. Still picking up great stuff by actually reading my RSS feeds. Today's haul so far: LOLworthy Queen of Wands comic strip (text possibly NSFW); an interesting article and comments thread on The Age Of Mass Intelligence, from The Economist's Intelligent Life magazine, which looks like it could be worth keeping an eye on; Alan Cumming writing in the HuffPost about Rick Warren and Obama; and the news that EA Games have abandoned the SecuROM for Spore - they're using Steam instead - and have launched a de-authorization tool for those who have already bought the DRM'd version.

Saddies 1: David Attenborough is ill in hospital after falling and hitting his head. Don't panic at the Daily Mail headline and first few paras, though - apparently he's out of the coma, the doctors aren't worried, and they're just waiting to hear when he'll be allowed home.

Edit: Happies 6: I changed all the music on my phone yesterday, and realised tonight that I'd taken my current ringtone (Bark at the Moon) off it. So now my phone, by way of ringing, is going to announce "I wanna do bad things with you". This amuses me more than it probably should. (The version of the song I have actually starts off with the "I wanna do bad things with you", rather than the musical intro.)


Dec. 21st, 2008 03:28 am (UTC)
Richard Attenborough, not David, although in wanting a quick recovery I'm sure it makes no practical difference.


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