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Happies, Day...I've lost count already.

I haven't done much today, so the good things might be a bit on the tenuous side.

1. I didn't go out in the rain! This means I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet, but I did order another couple of things online (to be delivered to my parents') so I only have two, maybe three things to buy in town. Along with wrapping paper and sticky tape that still has stick. I have nothing interesting to eat in the house either, but at least I'm warm(ish) and dry.

2. The Brief and Twitterfox add-ons are brilliant, now I've got them working right. I've been catching up on all the RSS feeds I've been missing since I stopped using netvibes. Recommendations, please! What are your can't-miss feeds/blogs/websites?

2b. And I'm having fun on twitter in general, listening in to Stephen Fry and Greg Grunberg and Wil Wheaton as well as chatting to those of you lot who are there. (Although it's probably your fault I didn't go shopping in the rain this afternoon.)

3. I watched the first six episodes of Criminal Minds. The show's OK, and has potential to get really good once they get all the basic psychology exposition and stereotypes out of the way. Hopefully. But it has Mandy Patinkin, and so I watch it and squee anyway. And Greg out of Dharma & Greg, who I didn't recognise and is surprisingly good. I hear Wil Wheaton turns up too.

Uh, I'm out. I've had a good day, but fairly dull.



Dec. 20th, 2008 12:40 pm (UTC)
Now, from the title, I was sitting here thinking "This post is going to be about the audiobook of Wil Wheaton's "Happiest Days of our Lives," available from noon Pacific today," which I am very excited about. It's not, but I'm glad to see Mr Wheaton get's a mention or two.

He can thank me for the shameless plug if I ever meet him.
Dec. 20th, 2008 10:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've been watching the byplay on twitter so I've ordered it as well. VERY WEIRD about the paypal thing, and I loved the post-payment screen about how it would be delivered!


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