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Lurking around famous people

I meant to go to Collectormania yesterday, but I, er, slept in and would have missed the Doctor Who talk, so I went today instead. 'Twas OK. Here are some photos of people I saw (click to embiggen, and fuzzify, sadly).

Doctor Who talk: John Leeson (K9), Nick Courtney (the Brig), Katy Manning (Jo, in leather pants) and Georgia Moffet (Jenny). The first three were con pros, filling every silence with a random anecdote; Georgia seemed a bit out of her depth (and cold!). The other three had all worked together too, which I suppose makes a difference. Nick Courtney has the best voice ever (apart from Alan Rickman), John Leeson seems bitter that he doesn't actually get to go in and play K9 on set any more, Katy Manning's favourite episode is Dalek (hurrah!) and she fangirled about Rob Shearman for a while, and Georgia Moffet told the audience yesterday her favourite Doctor was David Tennant, and us today that it was Peter Davison, just so she didn't get in trouble either way. She had dark hair; she said people kept telling her she looked better blonde, but I disagree.

Other people: Fuzzy Juliet Landau! (On the right, in the entirely unnecessary sunglasses.)

Gesticulating Dirk Benedict! (I didn't stay for all of his talk, but he seemed cool.)

Other people I saw but didn't get photos of included Craig Charles (hurray!) and Craig Phillips off Big Brother (WTF?). And Jacqueline Pearce and Caroline Munro, briefly. And Duglas from the BMX Bandits, of course.

I managed not to buy too much tat. I didn't buy the see-through Invisible Claude action figure, or the Bennet one. Or the disguised Serenity, even, or the canvas Heroes eclipse signed by Santiago Cabrera for only £95! I did buy the new Heroes comics collection, a Serenity three-part comic, a Vote Petrelli badge and three posters, mind you.

Random addendum: here is a photo I took the other day.


WHO BUYS THESE? Seriously! A crucified Jesus with flashing red and green Christmas lights? I might get it for my Secret Santa person.

Oh! I can't believe I've missed this - I saw a poster for the movie version of Inkheart, the Cornelia Funke book, and it looks amazing. Paul Bettany! Andy Serkis! Helen Mirren! Lesley Sharp! Jim Broadbent. I must go see this.


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Dec. 7th, 2008 07:17 pm (UTC)
I'm disturbed by the way Jesus' crotch is glowing red.
Dec. 7th, 2008 08:55 pm (UTC)
Yes..that creeped me out as well! :)
Dec. 11th, 2008 04:47 pm (UTC)
oh how I've missed your blog, I've not been here in probably over a year huh?? maybe I should post....

Amazing what we'll do to avoid washing up and course work (I'm meant to be reading about conversation analysis..and erm well now I'm on here instead!)

I saw your pics on flickr and tried to guess the people, I'm glad I got The Face correct and now I vaguely know who the others were too :)

Hope you're well :)
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